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Raw Niblets

If you follow us on Instagram, it’s possible you have seen all the many dog puzzles and treat balls we have.  Mom believes to make us smarter we must use our heads!  (not to bust down gates-OSSIAN!)


Our friends at Only Natural Pet sent us a big bag of their RawNibs!  These Freeze Dried Grain Free Nibbles were filled with pasture raised beef and tripe.  


Do you know what tripe is???  Tripe is the stomach of grazing cows.  It is filled with enzymes, good bacteria and amino acides that help us by giving our digestion a boost and improving our immune system.  


Mom would love to feed us a raw diet, as would we, but it’s a lot of work and she just doesn’t have the time.  But thanks to Only Natural Pet they make it easy for her.  They offer lots of great Raw diets that are as easy and simple as commercial dry kibble.  And although Raw Nibs can be used as a full meal, or even a meal topper, we use it for something different.


We use it as treats for our treat balls.  Who doesn’t wanna work for food?  Okay, I know what you’re thinking, no one wants to work for their food.  But being city dogs sometimes we like to do something different…and wobbling our Kong wobbler around the living room floor catching all the yummy goodness Raw Nibs has to offer, is fun!

Real Raw Nutrition in every bite!!!  ONP offers the highest quality of meats in their raw nibs including the muscle and organs of grass feed cattle.  It’s packed with protein, amino acids, and essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes.  It has the perfect nutrition balance, but taste OH SO GOOD!  Time to refill this ball mom!


You too can try your own Raw Nibs.  Get a 10oz bag for only $16.99


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