Mid-Year Check Ups

Today we had our mid-year check up.  Annual or bi-annual check ups are smart as it helps catch diseases early and prevents more costly problems in the future.


We decided it was time to try a new local veterinarian.  We chose to make an appointment at Green Tree Animal Hospital.

Logo for Green Tree Animal Hospital Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Joseph G Yocum opened Green Tree Animal Hospital in 2012. The biggest reason we chose Green Tree was because of their mission statement in which they seek out new technology and resources to help improve pets’ well being.  New technology is very important as veterinary science is always changing.  We look for a vet that allows new products and techniques to help our pets.

When changing vets it is always very important to have all our pertinent information. Luckily mom always keeps our records.  A paper copy, a digital copy (which is accessible through Google docs) and also a copy uploaded onto an app called Vitus Vet.

What is Vitus Vet?

This mobile app that allows you to have access to your pets records anytime, anywhere.  What is great is you can easily add old records either by contacting your vet via the app (which they can then upload records) or uploading yourself by simply taking a photo of the paper record.  You can add all your pets and add reminders and notes.  If your veterinarian is tech savvy, they may already have an app through Vitus Vet and you can request an appointment or medication refill.

With all these options to see our records, Green Tree had all our information as their finger tips.  Now it was time for them to check us out.









Since this was our first time at Green Tree, Dr. Yocum  was very thorough.  He checked our eyes, ears, nose and throat.  Koda was diagnosed with Grade 1 Cataracts.

Cataracts means that the lens of the eye is cloudy.  It can vary as fully clouded-over to partially clouded.  This can cause vision loss.  It is not possible to surgically remove the cataracts as we do in humans, so in the case of Koda we will just keep an eye on it. wp-1465000467883.jpg


Dr. Yocum checked out the rest of Koda and gave her two thumbs up.






For Ossian, we wanted Dr. Youcom to be aware of what we thought to be reverse sneeze. Turns out it was allergy related (just sinus drainage).  Yup, dogs get it too.  Benadryl was the answer!





All in all we got an “All Good” from our new vet Dr. Yocum.


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