Pet Superhero

Pet Faves’  Instagram post got us thinking….

pet superpower

Well Ossian’s would be mind control.  He would like to say that he already has that super power…I mean I can’t really say he doesn’t because mom and dad usually do whatever he wants.  He’s so spoiled rotten.

Just like today he threw a fit when mom and dad went off to work, and they closed their bedroom door so he couldn’t’ sleep on the bed.  I mean.  Come’on Ossian.  They let you sleep on the bed at night.  Which is a whole different story; you just don’t wanna get me started on that.  Anyways….rant over…

My superpower would be to have “SonicBark”  (i kind of stole it from Malarky) but its too awesome not to steal.

“SonicBark”  Think of what I could do.  I could stun all people that come into my yard.  I could also get those stinkin rabbits that romp across the road!  And those geese.  OH what I could do if my bark stunned geese.   Those geese would be mine.  I wouldn’t harm them-NO!  I’d train them to be my solders!  Oh yes “SonicBark”would be awesome

I could even have my own comic book!  The Adventure of SuperKoda. Nah, that’s not very good.  I need a good super name….if my super power is super sonic bark, and my name is Koda….what should my name be???




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