Doggy Brain Games


We are so lucky that mom wants us to be physically and mentally strong.  She loves for us to do doggy puzzles and have lots of treat dispensers.

We wanted to share with you our favorite treat puzzles and why we love them.


My favorite treat puzzle is really not a puzzle its a treat dispenser.



Its called the Kong Wobbler.

wp-1458002354485.jpgIts made of very durable material.  I like to bang it against the baseboards and carry it from room to room and it barely has a scratch on it.  Its also ease to fill it up with treats-just spin off the bottom and fill it up.  Treats come out pretty easy-but not as many come out as I’d like.  Hense the reason I bang it against the walls!


One of my new favorites is actually a food dispensing bowl called Rock N Bowl by Paw5.

wp-1458002354581.jpgI only like this one when it has fresh Purina Pro Plan food in it (I’m a very picky eater)  This bowl makes eating dinner twice as fun.  You have to nose it around to get the food out, but mom says its great for me so that I eat slow and don’t get what they call the bloat.



Now as far as treat puzzles I have two current favorites.  Both by Outward Hound


The Star Spinner:  This one is pretty easy for me. I just use my big snout and rotate the two star spinners (ha, I get the name now!)





The Paw Hide:  This is an oldie but a goodie.  Mom hides a bunch of treats in this one, and sometimes I forget how to get them out.  Then I remember I grab the little paws with my teeth and underneath is all the treats.  Luckily this treat puzzle is made of hard plastic because I’ve chewed on the small paws that are hiding the treats a lot!


KODA!  You’re turn….COME HERE!  KODA!




Oh I need to tell ya’ll about my favorite treat dispensers! OK!




Well if you follow us on Instagram you have seen many pictures of me with my favorite treat puzzle…That is the Buster Activity Mat.

wp-1458002354507.jpgYeah this thing is awesome.  It seems like every other week mom adds a new activity to the mat, and my brain is like….WHOA…sometimes she even mixes and matches them and I makes it hard.  But I’m a smart girl.  I can usually figure it out.  We’ve had the mat for over 4 months and its still in good shape, the only thing wrong with it is a small chew tear because OSSIAN, isn’t smart enough to get the treats out he just started chewing on the pouch.  Its great material because I scratch the hell out of it and its still in good shape!  If you don’t have the Buster Activity Mat you should get it because its the best thing out there!

I do love my treats!  Mom likes to make me work for them too.  She says I’m sort of a drama queen, because the smallest sound makes me anxious.  I can’t help it….I don’t like when someone is outside talking to loud, or heaven forbid the trash men come and try and take that yummy trash with them.  Anyway, me acting like that causes mom to give me lots of puzzles to play with.

I also love my Treat Ball by Omega Paw.  This one is mine, I don’t allow Ossian to touch it!



It’s a great size because it can hold lots of treats! And its rubber so that it bounces when I pick it up and drop it (it causes more treats to come out)



I also like this Martha Stewart treat ball 



It’s small enough that I can hold it in my mouth-but doesn’t hold many treats….and the treats it does hold it takes longer for them to come out…because it has a maze inside it.


Those are pretty much my favorite!  Here’s some of our other ones that we have!  Mom has added the links so you can order your own!  Because brain power….no its….wait whats that saying…..Knowledge is Power.  I guess that doesn’t go well with what we were talking about.  But as a dog, its very important for us to your our minds!  Tell your parents that we all need mental and physical stimulation!




Doggy Block Spinner by Outward Hound





Kibble Drop by Outward Hound




Treater Trotter by Toy’s R Us Pets *Found at Petsmart*






Kong Satellite 





Buster Food Cube  (this one is very hard!  It doesn’t roll easily and you can’t pick it up!)




Here’s some action videos!

3 thoughts on “Doggy Brain Games

  1. Such a great post! I love puzzles of any and all kinds. I really really want to try the Buster activity mat now. It will be interesting to see how much difficulty my smushy-face has with it though.


  2. What a great list! I want to try a treat ball for Edie and the cats. I think these are wonderful to keep them active and make them think – not just be given a treat.


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