No More Lost Pets is Whistle’s motto!  And with the Whistle GPS it can now be true.


We were super excited to learn of the Whistle GPS, of course who wouldn’t be!  A FitBit for dogs!?  That’s right.  It is basically a FitBit with GPS capabilities for dogs.  It tracks their activity, their sleep habits and now with the new GPS system it tracks them if they get lost.


So how does it work?  This small yet durable devise is made waterproof and sturdy for your pup.  It attaches to the collar and doesn’t hang off like some tags, they may get caught and come off the collar.  It is waterproof (but I always like to take it off when the pups are swimming)-ya know just in case.

20160304_194220.jpg  20160304_194232.jpg  20160304_194239.jpg

It has a long battery life, but is easily rechargeable when your pup is near the docking station or when docked of course.

And no worries if you like to travel, just take the docking station with you.

Customizable “Home Zones” so whether your at home, on vacation or your pup comes to work with you, they can be safe within a “home zone.”

But once your pup sets foot outside the designated home zone, you get a text or notification (how ever you’d like to be notified)


And at that time, you can track them in real time.  Now my pups haven’t gotten loose or lost since getting the Whistle GPS but I have tired tracking them, when on walks, and it does seem like the “real time tracking” is a few mins slower, but it does pin point on the map where they are, so in a crisis you know!

And of course their is the “fitbit” part: the fitness tracker!  Gives you information on your pups activity, to help makes sure they are getting enough exercise-or if they are not!  Plus keep tracks on their sleep-making sure they are sleeping well.








My pups are microchip (WHICH IS SUPER IMPORTANT) but I love having the convenience and comfort in knowing I can always find my pups if they do happen to get out of sight. Plus its super cool seeing how active they are each day!
Find out more about the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker here

The OK Dog’s Rating: 5 out of 5   5 out of 5


3 thoughts on “Whistle

    1. I don’t feel like the whistle is bulky at all. It’s the width of the collar, now I do have a very hairy dog tho. Lol But even on Koda who is smaller than a golden i dont feel it is bulky.


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