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Dog Park Etiquette

dog park etiquette

DO’s & DON’Ts of visiting the Dog Park

  • Do leash your dog when outside the off leash areas
  • Do “UN” leash your dog when inside the off leash areas
  • Do be observant-Keep an eye on your pup
  • Do be prepared-keep your leash on you at all time, and make sure your pup knows their recall.
  • Do bring poop bags and pick up your dogs poop.
  • Do bring water for your pup
  • Do know & understand doggy language
  • Do know the difference between play & aggression.
  • Do leave a collar & or harness on your pup-to be able to control your pup in case of a scuffle


  • Don’t wear clothes that you care about
  • Don’t spend your whole time looking at your phone
  • Don’t forget to pick up your dog’s poop
  • Don’t micromanage your dog & other dogs
  • Don’t give people veterinary advice (unless you are one)
  • Don’t bring treats
  • Don’t bring kids
  • Don’t leave choke chains or other electronic devices on your pup.
  • Don’t bring more dogs that you can handle.
  • Don’t bring un-vaccinated pets to the park


Here’s a great graphic from Dr. Sophia Yin to help the visual learner

dog park eq





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