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Our Top Picks for Interactive Dog Toys

interactive dog toys

It is so important to exercise your dogs mind.  Dog treat dispenser are a great way to stimulate and reduce boredom.

Here are our top picks.

Ossian’s Pick

wobblerKong Wobbler

Super sturdy: Made of hard plastic-great for when you need to nose it up against base boards to make the treats come out.  Easy open bottom for treat filling.



Koda’s Pick

ball treat dyspenser Toy’s R Us Ball Treat Dispenser

Rubber: Easy to carry and throw around.  Takes a bit to fill with treats as you only have the small opening to put treats in.



Mom’s Pick

buster activity matBuster Activity Mat

Multiple “task” available-very challenging!!!  Best when paired with “puppy crack” a.k.a Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls


Dad’s Pick

holler ball

Hol-ee Roller

Great for those “de-stuffers” Best used with old socks & puppy crack a.k.a Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls




Other puzzles we like:



And our very own DIY Treat Dispenser





1 thought on “Our Top Picks for Interactive Dog Toys”

  1. I was wondering how the buster mat would be for large dogs. May have to check it out. We got the Nina ottoson dog twister and that’s a fun one. I’ve also heard of the Fobbler but don’t have that one..


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