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Dog Wood Park Dog Park


7407 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256







Type of Park: Membership Dog Park

Surface Area: 25 Acres-Grass & Dirt

Stimulating Activities: Pond, wooded area, agility, tires and tunnels

Cooling: pond give plenty of water to drink, a few water fountains inside the park, large wooded area, and lots of trees

Separate Areas: Yes- Large and Small areas, plus agility area and wooded area

Greenage: waste bag and trash stations throughout park

Human Comfort: a few lawn chairs and a couple of picnic tables.  Not lot of seating considering the park is so huge; you’d lose sight of your dog if sitting too long.  Bathrooms inside admission trailer outside of dog park.

Location:  Jacksonville, FL

Maintenance: Members can use the park 6am-10pm, Visitors can enter when Office is open M-F 10am-4pm S/s 9am-5pm

Membership: Yes, The price for visitor admission is $11 for the first dog and $1.25 for each additional dog.  Park membership starts at $35 per month or $289 for an annual membership.  Rabies vaccination proof required.

Dog Wood Parks website is pretty awesome check it out HERE

TheOKdogs Rating: 5 paws out of 5



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