A Dog Camp: Camp Dogwood

A Camp for you and your dog!!!!

Camp Dogwood

We were lucky to be able to attend the first Winter Un-Camp put on by Camp Dogwood.  It was held in January over MLK Day weekend back in 2012 (yes, we are just now writing about it. :-()

The camp was located just outside Chicago, IL at Camp Horner in Ingleside, IL.  It was a drive getting there but our reward was all the snow we found when we got there!!!  We arrived on Friday afternoon and checked into the lodge.  We stayed in a normal room with two bunk beds and two twin size beds.  It was a bit hard for dad to sleep with his legs hanging off.  But we loved that we got our own beds!!!!


Saturday morning we met with a group for a morning hike through the snowy woods.  Pretty awesome (No leash required!) hike

Of course there was fun for mom and dad too:  They made DIY doggy treat jars and DIY doggy treat “Fanny Packs” (as dad calls it).

We were also introduced to agility & a sport called Treiball – a new type of herding sport for dogs (check it out here).

We also enjoyed a doggy cake decorating party and gift exchange.


On our last day at Camp Dogwood we ventured off and explored a bit more on our own before brunch.  We got to use our noses on this one!  Checking out underneath a bunch of brush, we never found it, but we know there was something there!!!!



The last event of Camp Dogwood was an intro course on Lure Coursing! It was so much fun!

Although we enjoy just running together in the snow!


On our way home we visited Duck Farms- a Huge Dog Park, more of that to come.

We hope you will check out Camp Dogwood!  They don’t currently offer Winter Un-Camp right now but they have four day camps in Spring and Fall.  We are hoping we are able to attend one soon, maybe we’ll see ya there???us at winter camp




Have you been to a Camp for you and your dog?  Share your story below!


16 thoughts on “A Dog Camp: Camp Dogwood”

  1. Camp Dogwood actually is about to announce a return of Winter Camp, over New Year’s Eve December 2016! It will take place at the facility in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, and full details should appear by spring on the website! 🙂 Thanks for having such great memories of Camp Dogwood’s winter program!


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