Traveling w/ a Big Dog

We are lucky to have two great parents who love taking us places.  We have stayed over 70 nights in hotels.  We’ve been to Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, and Florida.  Of course we are still trying to perfect our ideal packing list and travel tips, but here are a few things we’ve learned that you need for traveling with two large dogs!

travelin with a big dog

Top 10 Must Have’s for Traveling w/ a Big Dog

  1. Lavendar Spray-this is great for long trips, it smells great for the humans and calms us canines down.  Riding is fun, but sometimes we can get antsy. Lavender helps us stay calm and not drive the humans crazy.
  2. No-Spill Water Bowl.  It’s a must, we get thirsty….we want to be able to get a drink whenever we are thirsty.
  3. Travel Bag -like this On the go bag.  It’s great, it’s made like a cooler, but comes with two areas for dog bowls, and it’s up off the ground which makes for better flow of eating.  This was great when going to the beach, because Mom stuck lots of ice and water in the bottom cooler part and it stayed fresh and clean, because that salt water makes you thirsty.  (make sure you read-10 things we learned on our trip to the beach)
  4. Comfy Comforter.  We are lucky to have a nice car that has lay down seats-so Mom and Dad can make us a big comfy area to sleep.  It’s best when we have a big comfy blanket that has lots of fluff, and we also love it when there is an extra blanket to cuddle up with.
  5. SUV: we suggest a Hyundi Santa Fe.  This is Mom’s second Santa Fe, they love it and so do we.  It has lots of storage under the back half, and the back seats fold down and makes a big area for us to lay comfortably and has back air vents, which is great for us, because we love to have the air blowing on us!
  6. Car Barrier!  We do not like this idea, but Mom insisted that we put it on the list…It keeps us safe, in case Dad has to hit the brakes hard, but it also keeps me from climbing up into Mom’s lap in the choose wisely…we dont’ think this is the best idea! (I DO-Mom)
  7. Stop it Spray-this is another one we do not suggest you get. But Mom has fingers and is typing this for us, so she’s kind of taking over on this one.  Stop It Spray is a pherephome spray that makes a loud noise when sprayed. The pups hate it, and we’ve only had to use it a couple of times and now we just show the orange can and they stop the unwanted behavor.  Why do you want it in the car…well-there is always a car that has another dog in it, or something that catches their eyes and they just can’t contian their barking.  Stop it Sprays helps keep our sanity when they won’t just listen to the word “STOP” when barking too loud.  Trust me, you will want it!
  8. GPS/Stop & Pee List:  we usually try to check out the road route before leaving for a trip.  Our go to sites are &  We hate leashes so anytime we can run and have a potty break without those things tying us down is great.  Dad usually looks up dog parks that are on our way, so we can plan our stops at those!  We have visited MANY different dog parks over the years.
  9. Snacks- we prefer chicken jerky.  But you can go with your favorite .  Just like our humans we like road snacks too!!!  So always pack a bag of snacks for the pups
  10. Camera-to record all the awesome outings and funny things we do while on a road trip.

Have you ever been on a road trip?

What’s on your ideal road trip packing list?


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