8 Things the Perfect Vet Clinic has.

Communication: Easy to reach by phone or email.  Has a great social presence: Facebook/Twitter, and easy to access website with great tools.

Knowledge: Of course the Veterinarians and Vet Techs need to have knowledge, but the receptionist….have enough knowledge to be able to carry on a conversation and answer simple questions.

Accreditation: Member of AAHA-American Animal Hospital Association

Community: Involved in the community, holds events, helps fund-raise, attends dog friendly activities.

Services:  Low Cost Vaccines, Surgery and Dental Care services, Radiography/Ultrasounds, Hospice Care, Holistic, Acupuncture, In House Lab, Emergency Services, Pharmacy (Also allows prescriptions to online and local pharmacies)

Access:  Easy access from home, good hours, Emergency/On-Call Vet, comfortable waiting and exam areas.

Interactions: Personable when scheduling appointments, remembering pet’s names, one-on-one interaction with Veterinarian – not rushing to get done with appointment, in-room exams.

Additional: Must have relationship with outside referral vets – for additional treatments if needed.




2 thoughts on “8 Things the Perfect Vet Clinic has.”

    1. Thats the worst. We have been to THREE different vets this past year and still cant find one with a receptionist with common sense. How do u even mess up between a st bernard and a husky. I wish i had went to vet school just so i could take care of my own pets. Lol

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