“Ever Wonder….

where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk, and never once pulled back on the leash? ”  -Robert Brault


Where would I take mom if she just let me go, and didn’t yank me back?  Let me take you through my ideal walk….

Well first “IDEALLY” I wouldn’t have a leash on, because as we all know…they just get in the way.

First I’d take mom out the front door and to the mail box.  Gotta keep this thing marked, there are TOO many dogs in our neighborhood that think this is their mail box…it’s not.  IT’S NOT! IT’S MINE.  Then of course the big maple tree and those flowers that keep growing and growing….then

across the road we will go.  Let me go ahead and mark this rose bush, this tree, and those trees….okay…down the path to the pond (yeah we have a pond next to our house!!)

let me stop here and sniff these weeds, this is a great place to relieve myself.  Ok, on we go.  OOOO A DUCK!!!!   splash…..come on mom, the water’s fine……here ducky ducky.

Ugh whatever…..come one mom catch up.   Let me go ahead and mark these trees.   Is that a …….BUNNY!!!!!!!!!


What is this…..a big hole in the ground……but not big enough for me.  WOOF WOOF, mom make it come out.

WOOF WOOF, I’m gonna lay here and wait.

(some time has passed-don’t know how much…I’m A Dog)

Hey….hey a dog lives here.  Where’s he at?  Lets play.  Woof, dog come out and play.  Woof.

guess he’s not home.

mom don’t worry, if a car comes i’ll get on the sidewalk….ooo okay  I will walk on the sidewalk, that was a close one!

why do people drive cars anyways?  There is too much to sniff…and you can’t sniff everything if you’re in a car.

come on mom…lets go this way.  I can smell the park.

Peed there, Peed there.  Wait someone peed on top of that…..okay now it’s mine.

okay i remember….wait til the light turns green and look both ways…here mom I will lead you across.


RUN!  I can smell the park from here….come on mom.  This is fun.

O, water…

gulp, gulp, gulp.  Burp (drank to much).

okay…lets get to the park.

pee here, pee here,  oh, lets pee here.

a pine cone?  nah don’t need it

ooo a stick.  Let me sit here and chew for a minute

(a few minutes later)

Gotta go get me a drink….back to the water

okay.  lets get to the park.   hey there it is.  Woof Woof.  you are on the oposite side of the fence.

Mom….oh yeah this is where we go in at…wait, let me pee on it.


Bye mom, gonna go play with friends

WHEW.   I tired.  Can you carry me home?



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