TheOKdogs: Top 10 Gifts

Happy December All!

We love this time of year!  It is filled with good food, great smells, awesome presents and SNOW!  We love SNOW!  SNOW SNOW SNOW!


*SMH* Let’s get back to the Gift Guide!  Me and Koda have discussed our top gifts to share with our dog friends and parents.  Some of these gifts we already have but they are just too good not to share, and others, well…they are on our wish list!

Food Dehydrator

10. Food Dehydrator This may have been the best present that wasn’t a gift for us at all.  Chicken Jerky!  Dad got a Fooo-d Dehy-dra-tor as they call it and makes us Chicken Jerky weekly!  It’s awesome!  You gotta get Santa to bring your parents one!


ball treat dyspenser9. Toys r us treat ball dispenser  :Now this is one of Koda’s favorites!  An easy to carry and throw around treat dispensing ball.



holler ball

8. Hol-ee Roller Ball : A great interactive toy, if your parents take time to stuff it with old rags and treats!  Hours, or at least few minutes of fun.  (I’ve mastered the pulling rags/stuffing/squeakers out trick)



aligattor7. Pet Stages Stuffing Free Alligator:  Such a cute little critter with a crazy squeaking sound.  And no matter how hard I try, I can’t get the squeaker out, even though it’s almost in two pieces!



nylabone6. Nylabone Edibles :  Awesome! They just don’t last super long!  They are like big treats!




bumpy ball5. Hartz Dura Play Ball:   We have at least four of these.  Koda loves the newer ones that I haven’t chewed up that much and well….they are like my comfy blanket – I like to carry it everywhere.   It doesn’t squeak anymore, but its so much fun to chew on!!!!


hedgy4. Hedgy : That’s what we call it!  The large hedgehog that honks when you squeeze it.  It’s awesome!



wobbler3. Kong Wobbler Treat Dispenser: My favorite!  It holds lots of yummy treats and it’s sturdy, no matter how much I chew on it, it still holds together.  (Mom loves that)



buster activity mat2. Buster Activity Mat:  This is on the top of our Christmas list, ever since mom saw it in Dogster Magazine.  It is a mat with multiple attachments that you can hide treats in. Mim says it’s suppose to work your brain or something like that.


bully sticks

1. Bully Sticks!  Who doesn’t love them! Stinky, chewy, tasty, paw-mazing!




What’s on your Christmas list?  


22 thoughts on “TheOKdogs: Top 10 Gifts

  1. I love all your toy suggestions. I sometimes foster dog and it’s so helpful to have some puzzle-type toys on hand to keep young dogs occupied. I only have a Kong right now, so some of the others you mentioned sound interesting!

    As for my Lab mix Ace. Tennis balls are always a hit!


  2. Our biggest treat, even though dey don’t seem like it, is da dehydrator you mentioned! My momma make us apple treats, sweet tater slices, and other sorts of goodies! Nice list!


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