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Beach Bums! Fort De Soto Dog Beach

Fort De Soto Dog Beach in St. Petersburg Florida

1 of Bring Fido’s top Dog Beaches in the US.

3500 Pinellas Bayway S.
Saint Petersburg, FL, US 33715
(727) 582-8867

This doggie beach was our first real salt water beach we have ever visited!

It was pretty awesome!  We didn’t have to be on leashes and could run free!  Of course we went straight for the water.   It tasted so weird!  But you know me I still need to drink

A OK Dog Tip:   “Always swim with a partner!”


We were having the time of our lives!


Mom and Dad made sure we were taking plenty of breaks from the hot sun!

I wasn’t too happy that mom made us come sit, so I stuck our my tongue at her.

Thought i’d get in trouble, but she just laughed and took my picture!

Ossian drank way too much sea water

OK Dog Tip:  LISTEN, when your parents say “DON’T DRINK THE SALT WATER”

My tummy started hurting, and I had to go to the bathroom A LOT.

So I just sat with Mommy, she gave me kisses and belly rubs and made me feel much better


She even dump the ice we brought so I could lay on it!


It made me feel much better

Even though I got a little sick, we both had a great time!  We think you should definitely check this dog park out!


The Run Down:

Type of Park: Off Leash

Surface Area: (Three different parks) 1 beach (about an acre), 1 small dog area (less than an acre each) and 1 large dog area.

Stimulating Activities: The Beach!

Cooling: the Salt water (as long as the pups don’t drink) the other two dog areas have a rinse station, there isn’t much shading on the beach so bring an umbrella.  The large dog area has a few shade trees

Separate Areas: The beach area is for all, the other two areas (which are a little bit of a walk from the beach) are separated by weight.

Greenage: There is a few waste bag stations near the beach and a few in the grassy areas (be sure to bring your own as there few and far between and its just easier that way)

Human Comfort: not much, bring a towel or a beach chair!  There are no benches in the grassy areas either.

Location: You must enter the Fort De Soto park.  The two main grassy areas are right off the parking area, the beach is a little walk through the trees (your dog must stay leashed outside the dog beach areas or the dog park area) IT’S THE RULE!

Maintenance: Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Membership: There is a $5 car fee for entrance into Fort De Soto Park. See RulesOwners are required to supervise and clean up after their dogs. All dogs must be on a leash when outside of the dog park area.


4 thoughts on “Beach Bums! Fort De Soto Dog Beach”

  1. Hello. I love your Bucket List and the photos of your handsome dogs swimming and on the beach. Thanks for looking in on Dog Leader Mysteries.

    Anytime you want me to reblog or point my readers your way, leave a comment or trackback. I’m writing tons of other stuff (off-line for books and a magazine) so I don’t always see fun stuff like your’s.


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