Happy Birthday Ossian

Today we celebrated the big number 5!

We woke up early to go on a walk/bunny hunt.

There is a nice little walking trail down by our home that bunnies frequent.

Got to sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed last night…was not too excited when they woke me up!!!

We also saw some ducks….and I had to bark at them!
Then a nap…..

Then breakfast!!!!  Yummers

Then another nap.

Then…..Present Time!!!



bunch of new toys and treats….but maybe my favorite so far is the rubber ball stuff with treats and stuffing.   I LOVE to tear stuffing out of toys…and mom and dad made it fun…and didn’t yell at me.
(Ossian does not eat the stuffing and is supervised the entire time to insure safety-mom and dad)

And then…

Another nap!

When we woke up from our naps…

We went for a joy ride!

Just because I like to hang my head out the window!



I made a wish (see the video)….well wait to see if it comes true!

Then mom decided to humiliate me and make me take bday pictures….with these floaty things

Yeah, I like to please.

Then!!!!!! The best thing ever…

Watch the fun

and more videos!

Then tunnel time

Jumping around! See the video

I get kind of crazy!!

Watch the video


No too hot….more ice

Then inside for some frozen treats

Then nap time.

Then more outside fun

Then another ride!!!

And now….time for sleep!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

What a great day!!!

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes!



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