Mommy & Daddy

Hormonal Imbalance

Just went to the first dog park since Ossian has been on these supplements for his hormonal imbalance. I thought it went fine… Daddy on the other hand did not. Two dogs were already in the park, a small Scottie mix and a black terrier mix the size of Koda. When we let them in (already) off leash they started smelling around. The smaller pup came to check them out… Ossian kind of bounced over to him…no growl. They sniffed and moved along. Koda started running and playing with the other pups, Ossian ran over and wanted to play…well the terrier mix started yelling before he was even close to her, which made him want to growl. His growl to me means: play with me, why you no like me?….. But I guess to everyone else it’s scary. Ossian was fine….he came back to us, played around and smelled….the Scottie came and played with Ossian a bit and when the terrier came over Ossian growled….and she started yelling. Of course, we get Ossian and take him to another area, but I truly believe he is not doing it to be bad. I can’t get Daddy to understand that the more we take him around other dogs the better he’ll be. No one freaks out if a hound dog is howling like crazy or a lab is barking the whole time… Why should it be a big deal if a saint growls to initiate play?


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