Koda, Ossian

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been an excellent girl this year. I have protected the house from many different nosies. I have rid the yard of moles and groundhogs. I am always on my best behavior, I even graduated head of my class at BAC training class. Mom and I have really bonded this year! If I could have one thing this year it would be for mom and daddy to never leave me!! I know they must work; so to bring me Vienna sausages! So in place of them staying home i would like a bunny, a Guinea pig, a bird, a groundhog, more trips to the pond, Navin to stop bothering me while I try to sleep, and mommy and daddy allowing me to sleep every night with them. Just a reminder: if I bark at you it doesn’t mean I’m being bad: it means I’m doing my job and protecting, ill try not to bark (just don’t ring the doorbell).

P.S. can I say hello to the raindeer?
Love, Koda

Oh can I have more treats in my treat ball?


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