Horses! (and Agility) by Koda

Today, we went to a new place (agility practice by Best Friends, Nicholasville).  When Ossian and I got out of the car, we noticed new smells.  Then, Daddy took me and tried to make me do things for treats.  I don’t mind going through tunnels, and I am an awesome climber, but I do not jump over bars.  There is no duck flying over the bar, so why should I go over it?  I did as much as I wanted, then got tired of doing things for treats. (Side note: Dad, please bring Viennas if you expect me to do things for treats!)   Daddy kept me on a leash, but I noticed Ossian (not on a leash… unfair) barking at something.  I finally got off leash, and it was on!  There was a fence, but on the other side were things I had never seen before.  Ossian and I barked, ran, and barked at these big things.  They didn’t know what to do, so they walked away from us.  I want one!  I love playing with dogs bigger than me, so I would have a blast with these things!  Daddy made me do a couple more things for treats, but all Ossian and wanted to do was bark at the big things.



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