Ducks, Ducks, Ducks! by Koda

Ok, maybe it was just two ducks. But Mommy and Daddy took us to the park today, which was fun I guess.  There was one dog I played with for a few minutes who liked to run into me.  I like playing rough, and I always win!  After we walked to get some water, we left.  Normally, we just go right home, but today Mommy drove and kept telling me to look for the bunnies.  I looked and looked but there were none (because I would’ve seen them and gotten them), but then Mommy and Daddy showed me the ducks.  Oh my gosh, I WANT DUCKS!  Mommy stopped and we got out.  She kept me on my leash (BOO!!!) but we got SO close to the ducks!  I even got their tail a couple of times.  We came back to the car because Ossian was whining, but them Daddy took me on a duck chase.  I got to them again, and then again, then all of a sudden they were gone.  What would I do with the ducks?  The same thing I do with the red dot.  I would catch them, release them, chase them, catch them, release them, repeat.  I don’t want to eat duck, but they’re fun to chase.  Oh, and I WILL catch duck.

Koda chasing ducks


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