Ossian, Product Reviews

Mr. Chewy Bones and Treats by Ossian

This big thing (a box from Mr. Chewy) came today and sat outside until Daddy brought it in.  When he opened the door with it, I smelled something GOOD.  Mommy opened the box, and I was IN.  Bones, bones, treats, and bones.  Gimme, gimme, gimme!  My favorite thing is to chew on bones (and my least favorite thing is when Koda steals them).  The big bone had bacon in it and it was SO GOOD.  The other bones were good too.  A couple of them looked different (spirals) but I ate them anyway.  Mommy also gave us the treats (I got more than Koda because she likes me better).  This was the best day, and I didn’t even have to do much to get the treats and bones.  I can’t wait until we get another big thing!



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