Fight! by Koda

Mommy and Daddy took us to the park today.  We’ve been a few times since the weather got warmer, and there have been lots of dogs there.  I like when there’s little dogs that want me to chase them because I love running.  (Don’t tell Mommy, but it’s also fun when I roll them.)  Today, there were a bunch of dogs, and I saw two dogs starting to go at each other.  Before long, I, Ossian, big dog, big dog, medium dog, little dog, medium dog, big dog, and little dog were all over in the same area (when we hear barking, Ossian and I have to see what’s going on).  Mommy and Daddy must have noticed the bad dogs and the fight before anyone else, because as soon as brother and I started running towards it, they called us over.  Being a good girl, I went and sat next to Daddy and Ossian sat with Mommy.  There was barking, yelling, and running because of the fight.  Some people were really mad at each other and their dogs, but Ossian and I were good and Mommy and Daddy were calm.  We had to leave because the other dogs were trouble.  We ended up going to the next park to run around and look in holes.  Daddy said he was proud of us. Uh, yeah, I’M A GOOD GIRL!


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