Columbus to Home by Koda

Long day meant that we slept all night.  I sleep so much better when I’m tired.  We all finally got up (Mommy was last) and left the hotel.  Mommy and Daddy got out of the car for a little while, but they knew everything would be okay because I was there.  I protected the car and barked at EVERYBODY that walked by.  Ossian just sat in the front seat and stared out the window, not doing anything to help me.  Oh well, I handled it.  They came back to the car and we went back to the park one more time.  There was a new dog (an Airedale) that came in and I played with her.  She was fun; bigger than me, though not as fast.  She liked to wrestle like Ossian does, so we played for a while. Mommy and Daddy think I play too rough, but these dogs can handle it…Ossian does!


We left the park, rode in the car for a while, then were at a new park (Sawyer Park in Louisville).  This place was very cool.  It had lots of dogs and lots of trees.  One of my favorite things is looking for bunnies/squirrels/ducks/geese/things that move.  So, I sometimes take off in search of these.  I’ve never caught anything, but don’t think that will make me stop.  I WILL catch something, someday.  Anyway, we played a little while, saw a couple of dogs get in trouble for fighting (not me, I’m a good girl), and left.  We stopped at another park (Cochran Hill) and played a little bit, then another one (Vettiner).  The last one was fun because there were more trees and I went and searched for things.  Then, there was a man that had treats.  He gave me one and thought that would be enough. Um, no.  Thanks for letting me know you have treats and now give me more!  I followed him around, but he wouldn’t share.  Oh well, time to go.  I like Viennas better anyway.  We rode a long time until we were home.  Another long, fun weekend!



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