Columbus (the other one) – Park Day by Ossian

Mommy and Daddy got up, fed us some food with yummy Vienna juice, then we left the hotel. We first went to a new park (Columbus Dog Park).  This place was awesome!  So many trees, so you can guess what I did to them…  Koda and I played a little, then a new dog came in.  She was pretty big, but she was mean.  She went to Mommy and made Mommy pet her, then got mad when I came over.  Um, she’s MY Mommy. Who do you think you are???

We got back in the car and drove for a while.  When the car slowed down, Koda and I woke up.  Daddy stopped the car and Mommy got out, but not us.  Mommy came back and said we couldn’t go in the park, but we drove up the road and got out at a new big thing (a playground).  We climbed up some stairs and posed for pictures. (Well, I posed for pictures, Koda doesn’t know how to…) Daddy sat down and started to slide down to the ground while Mommy and I watched, and he wanted Koda to slide next to him, but she went right behind him and slid into his back.  Mommy sat down at the slide, but I didn’t wait for her; I slid down to Daddy.  I’m so smart and knew what to do.  It’s easy going down the slide, but I tried to climb back up and couldn’t make it.  I jumped on the slide, climbed, climbed, climbed… then fell back down.  Oh well…  We went to a creek to drink some water (Koda wanted to swim but it was too cold) then got back in the car.

The next time we got out, we went to a new dog park (Indy Humane Society).  We ran down a hill into a fenced area, sniffed a couple of dogs (one girl dog was mean), and ran and smelled.  There was a big tunnel I went through, ramps I climbed, and things I jumped on when I was told to.  Mommy and Daddy wanted me to go up these tiny steps, but I told them I didn’t want to.  I had to keep telling them so they would get the message, but they kept going back and trying to get me to go up.  “Look, Koda did it…” Yeah, but that’s because she doesn’t know any better.  Steps = small.  Me = not. Back legs = weak.  So, it was not happening.  We stayed a little longer so I could chew on some sticks, but when Koda got in trouble, it was time to go. So, we napped in the car on a long ride.  We stopped back at the first park so we could bark at a couple of little dogs, then I was done.  I passed out at the hotel.  I think I ran too hard because my legs really hurt.  Had to relax the rest of the night, but I will say the day was fun!



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