Columbus (the other one) – The Trip Up by Ossian

I can’t remember the last time we went somewhere!  Well, I guess we go for a ride most days, but how long since we stayed in a hotel???  Mommy and Daddy got everything ready (we saw the bag that our stuff goes in…we know when they’re packing), and a LONG time later, we left.  Why do they do this to us?  When they get packed, we should go!   We rode in the car and when we got out, we were at a hotel (Hotel Indigo in Columbus, IN).  I was excited to be there!  We went in to find a couple of little dogs.  I barked at them, because I’m the boss, but Mommy made me keep walking.  We got in a really small room, waited a bit, then were somewhere else, just like another hotel we stayed in.  The room was big and had comfy beds!  I love sleeping on the bed with Mommy and Daddy, but this room had two beds, so Koda and I had our own.  I slept until I had to go potty and made sure Mommy and Daddy got up (at 4AM) so we could go outside.  We came back in and I slept some more to get ready for the next day.



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