Personal Space by Koda

Daddy took us to the park today!  Ossian whined this morning when Mommy left, and spent a lot of the day whining because he always wants to go.  Can’t say I blame him!  So, off to the park in the awesome cold weather.  We got there and Daddy opened the back door of the car but said “wait.”  I listened, Ossian did not, so he got in trouble.  I am such a good girl.  There were no other dogs in our side at first, so Ossian and I ran, smelled, looked in holes, and ran.  Two new dogs came running towards us, so we sniffed each other…no problem.  But, then, there were 3 big dogs that came up to me and tried to get me.  I’m usually okay one-on-one, but when there are 3 BIG DOGS that try to gang up on me, I’m not having it!  Who did they think they were dealing with?!?  I bit at each of them and let them know who’s boss without really hurting them.  Did I mention I’m a good girl?  I have a mean side, though, when I need to.  They should have asked Ossian how I own him. Haha.  Daddy held me for a second until the bad dogs left, then Ossian and I ran around and got back to playing and hole searching.  I WILL protect myself and my space!


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