Potty Problems by Koda

Daddy has not been happy with me lately.  Ever since we got back, I’ve had accidents at night.  I normally just sleep through the night and go potty when Daddy comes down and lets us out.  Now, though, I can’t make it.  I’ve had to poop in the floor every night.  Daddy hasn’t been too mean about it, but I know he gets mad cleaning it up.  I can’t help it, though.  I have to go, and when I smell where I pooped the last night, I just go.  Daddy told me not to do it anymore, but I did one more time.  So, now, I sleep in the cage.  I thought it wouldn’t be comfy, but I really like sleeping in my cage!  MY CAGE!  I can protect my area, but now I’m only responsible for the cage, not the whole house.  It’s like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.  I sleep good now, Daddy doesn’t have to clean up poop, and I don’t have to worry about Mommy or Daddy getting mad.



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