Camp Dogwood – Day 2 by Ossian

What a long night!  Koda and I couldn’t sleep much because there were loud noises and barking all night from in the wall.  How rude!  When Mommy and Daddy decided to get up, we went for a walk.  Then, they let us run and play in the snow.  Did I mention it’s my favorite thing?  I love the snow, except that it gets stuck in my paws and I have to stop very quickly and lick it out.   We walked for a while, found some brush, sticks, and cool things to smell.  After our outing, we went back to the room, then had to stay in the car for a while, but then Mommy came and got us out, and it was play time again!  Well, almost…  We went to the big field where I thought Koda and I would play again.  But, Daddy showed Koda something (a lure course tail) and told her to chase it.  She decided not to, so it was my turn.  The thing took off, so I chased it!  It went straight for a while, then turned and went a little farther, then stopped.  I had chased it long enough and decided I didn’t want it, so I just went back to Mommy.    We then had to stay on our leashes (ugh!) for a LONG time.  I tried to play with Koda, but I couldn’t, so I just barked at any dog I saw or heard.  Finally, they let us off our leashes and wanted us to chase the thing again.  Yeah, right.  Koda and I went to play.  That’s what we came here to do, so that’s what we were doing!!!


We got in the car, drove for a while, and then got out.  A HUGE snow area with many different dogs.  We ran, smelled, walked, found some sticks, ran, walked, and played.  There were other big dogs there, and I think Mommy and Daddy were scared I was gonna go after them, but I didn’t.  I’m a good boy, but sometimes I have to protect myself or Mommy.  I could tell these dogs weren’t trouble, though.  We left there, got back in the car, and slept most of the way home.  Pretty fun weekend.  I like snow and sleeping with Mommy and Daddy, but not having to be on leash or near mean dogs so much.


Ossian and Koda in the Brush

Ossian Lure Coursing

Ossian and Koda – Not Lure Coursing



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