Camp Dogwood – Day 1 by Koda

The first day of Camp Dogwood was a LOT of fun!  We slept in the same room as Mommy and Daddy.  The beds were much smaller, but Ossian and I didn’t care, because we can sleep on the bed whether they like it or not.  There were many noises throughout the night, with loud bangs, people talking, and dogs barking.  It was okay, though, because I (and sometimes Ossian) let them know they could NOT come in our room.  MY ROOM!  MY DADDY!  MY MOMMY!

img_2791Mommy and Daddy left us in the room by ourselves the next morning, but we got VIENNA SAUSAGES so I didn’t really notice when they left.  When they came back, we got to go outside and play in the snow!  I think I could run all day in the snow.  For some reason, I don’t get tired like I do when it’s hot out.  We went on a walk with a bunch of other people and dogs.  There was a smaller dog that kept wanting to play with me (a Bernese Mountain puppy).  I made a new friend, and we played almost the whole walk.  He even took my leash and tried to walk me, which was better than when Ossian does that.  I stayed in front of everybody on the walk, except when Mommy and Daddy called my name, then I had to get Ossian and come back to them.   We took a short nap after our long walk, then it was time to go again.  I’m so glad Mommy and Daddy brought us here to play in the snow!  My favorite thing!

The people at camp were nice.  When Ossian and I weren’t running in the snow or napping, Mommy and Daddy took us into a big room with other dogs and people (the lodge lounge).  Ossian barked every time he saw another dog, but I was my usual calm self.  I’m the good dog!  I even let people pet me, but only some, because they still need to remember that I love Daddy and not them.  All around, an awesome time at camp, and I hope we go back.

Koda & Geo at Camp Dogwood

Koda at Camp


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