Nature Walk by Ossian

Yesterday we went to the park, but saw a different part of it.  I never knew there was a creek there!  Mommy and Daddy took Koda and me on a walk through the brush, which is my favorite thing.  There’s always a new place to mark! And always something new to smell!  I just don’t know why they couldn’t let me go…I would have come back.  Every time I saw something new I wanted to go sniff, I ran towards it, but could only go so far before I was pulled back.  Also, I saw something moving (a leaf) that I wanted to chase, but Mommy wouldn’t let me.  I did get in the water, though.  It was cold, sure, but I love water, and I love mud.  When we got home, we played in the back yard.  Daddy thinks he can get a toy from me anytime he wants, but I’m too fast and vicious for him.  He can keep trying because I think it’s funny seeing him chase me, but I will always win.



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