New Year’s Eve by Koda

I absolutely HATE New Year’s Eve.  Mommy and Daddy left us at home, and normally, Ossian and I sleep and relax until they get home. (Well, sometimes, I wonder where they are and stare out the window, but no big deal.)  This night, the same thing happened, but after a while, I heard a loud boom and other really scary noises.  Fireworks?  Now???  I hate those things!  I jumped behind the couch and tried to hide but couldn’t get under there. I drug out the storage bin and dumped it to get in there, but didn’t fit.  Bang again!  I tried to get under couch again and tore up the front of it.  Ossian just lay there…did he not hear these things?!?!  Finally, the noises stopped.  I looked at the mess and worried that Daddy would get mad at me.  What a bad night! Mommy and Daddy should NOT leave us.  I can protect my house, but not from fireworks.  When Mommy and Daddy got home, they weren’t mad, they lie down on the floor with us, then we got to sleep with them.  I love my Mommy and Daddy, but stop leaving me!

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