Christmas at Momma Broady’s by Ossian

This weekend we went to Momma Broady’s for Christmas! Mommy and Daddy kept saying we were going, so I was SOOOO excited Saturday morning.  Then, they made me wait, and wait, and wait, and FINALLY we left.  But, we didn’t go straight there, we went to Mommy’s work. Really?!? I’m ready to get to the country!  Koda and I had to ride in the seat, because there was a bunch of stuff in the back of the car.  It took forever!  We got there, and I was happy to see Momma Broady and her dogs, but Daddy wouldn’t let me go play with them.  Mommy said it was time to go to sleep, but she was wrong, because I wasn’t tired. I wanted Christmas, and I wanted to play with the dogs.  Just let me go!  I got Mommy and Daddy up (they said I was being “whiny” but it worked so whatever…) and went outside for a few minutes.  I had to do it again a little later.  Why do Mommy and Daddy want to sleep??? It’s CHRISTMAS!!!  They got up, left Koda and me for a while (not nice), but then came back and we got presents.  I got a new hedgehog and some bones, Koda got a pig, a duck, and a squeaky ball. We went to another house and I got petted a lot, then it was sleepy time.  Long day for me.  Not as fun as I thought it would be, but it made me tired.  I’m ready to go back, but I want to play with the dogs next time.  Merry Christmas!




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