How Rude by Ossian

Today we went to a new place and an old place.  The new place was a field (near Keenland) that had new smells, trees, room to run, and tunnels.  Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t let us go in the tunnels, but we still had fun running and smelling.  Then, we went to the place with groundhog holes, though there weren’t as many holes as normal, and ran farther than we ever have.  When Daddy and Mommy were ready for us to leave, Koda and I came back to them, but then a man (Animal Control) came up to us.  Mommy held on to me and Koda stayed with Daddy.  Daddy talked to the man, he went away, then came back for a minute.  Daddy said we couldn’t go back there anymore without my leash. Why not??? We were having so much fun! I could tell Mommy and Daddy were mad, so I gave them kisses, then lie down. It’s hard running so much!



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