Koda, Ossian

PIG! by Ossian and Koda

O: Today, Mommy and Daddy took us…
O: We went to the park (East Frankfort Bark Park) and there was something different there we had never seen.
K: A PIG!!!!!!!!!!
O: We went in the park and I saw and sniffed some dogs, then saw a new thing. It looked like a dog, but was different. It was big but small and had a nose like Koda. I stared at it for a while and smelled it, then went to play with other dogs.
K: I noticed other dogs playing and chasing, so I joined in; just for a bit, though. I had to see the PIG! I jumped on the table to see Mommy and Daddy and make sure they knew this new thing was here!
O: I sniffed the thing some more, but I didn’t like it…
K: It made this awesome sound when it wanted me to chase it!
O: It squealed, and it was scary. I did NOT like it, so I went and lie down with Mommy and Daddy.
K: I chased PIG! It was making noise, and I jumped around it, but this man took it away. I saw it on the other side (the fence) and stared at it. How can I get over there??? I WILL play with PIG! I went back and stood with the man and told him I wanted PIG! He went and let it out, and I got to play with it some more!
O: I was tired! Stop squealing, thing!
K: It left and I wanted to go with it, but Daddy wouldn’t let me. I looked for it all the way home, and when I got home looked more. Not there…Where did it go??? I hope I can see this awesome thing again. I WANT PIG!!!
O: Sleepy time for Ossian!




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