Shoe by Ossian

Tonight, Mommy let me in the outside room (garage). I don’t get to go in there much, so I took it in and lay down on the cold floor. It felt so good. Mommy made me come back in after a while, and I did not want to come. I did anyway, but got one of Daddy’s shoes. It was so good and fun to chew on. Daddy and Mommy didn’t like that I had the shoe, but as they know, if they want something from me, they have to catch me! I’m faster than I look, especially when I’m being chased! Daddy ran me inside to the couch, but I would not let go. His shoe? Nope…finder’s keepers. He finally pulled the shoe from me. Now I’m sad. Time for sleep, and when Daddy goes upstairs, I’ll get another shoe: chewy, smelly, and awesome shoe.


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