The Ride Home by Koda

Birds! We went in a store and then another (Petco and PetSmart), and I saw little birds! I saw them but I couldn’t get them. That’s mean…don’t show me birds and not let me chase them. Mommy, Daddy, Ossian and I rode in the car and kept getting out to go places.  We went to a new park and I made a friend (a boxer mix). He kept chasing me, so I pounced on him. More nap time in the car, then another new park (PetSafe Village in Knoxville). There was water and I swam! It was cold, but I love swimming so much that I had to get in there.  This was a fun place, and I hope we go back.  We rode in the car a lot longer, and when I woke up, we were almost home.  Brother and I always know when we’re almost home…I have to get up to watch for rabbits out the front of the car. They’re there, I just KNOW it! We got home and I played with Ossian, Mommy, and Navin cat before I went to bed. We didn’t get to sleep in the comfy bed (I don’t know why), but I was tired and slept anyway.



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