BarkWorld Day 2 by Koda

Daddy took Ossian and me for a walk again this morning when we woke up.  I knew exactly where I was going and how to get there, so I led the way.  We went to the same place as yesterday to potty, then went back to get Mommy (Mommy sleeps more than Daddy).  Mommy and Daddy took us back to the small place with humans and other dogs and I did NOT want to go.  What was Daddy thinking leaving me? I NEED DADDY!  I kept looking for them, but Mommy and Daddy were gone.  I did let the girls pet me a little, but just to pass time.  Mommy and Daddy came and took us for a long walk.  They kept asking if I wanted to go to the park (Duh!) but we never made it. Also, I didn’t catch any squirrels or rabbits, even though Mommy said there were some (I saw none). We had to go back to the small place, and dogs kept leaving, but not us.  FINALLY, Daddy came and got me. I was so excited to see him! Where had he been all day?!?!? We rode a long time in the car, then went in a different room with a not-as-comfy bed. Still, sleepy time and I got to nap with Daddy. 🙂



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