BarkWorld Day 1 by Ossian

After sleeping in comfy bed (for 11 hours), Daddy took sister and me for a walk. I smelled a new place, then went back to the room to get Mommy.  Mommy and Daddy took us in the small room (elevator) then outside to stay.  They put us in this place where humans would pet me.  The first thing I did was find a big thing of ice that another dog had peed on, so I did as well. (The first thing Koda did – poop). This place had a fence that I could see over and jump on so that everyone could pet me. A bunch of little dogs were in there…I was the biggest and got the most rubs.  I saw Mommy and Daddy a bunch. They would come out of nowhere and then leave again.  Daddy took us for a walk, then put us back in.  Koda whined a lot, but I just sat down and let the girls pet me.  I think I was their favorite! Mommy and Daddy came and got us after a long time, then took us for a ride.  We went and walked around, then went in a store with treats (Uptown Pups).  We came out and sat on the ground (sidewalk).  So many people came over to pet me and talk to me, even a guy in all black (a waiter) that I had to bark at.  Koda kept jumping on me while I was napping (I can sleep ANYWHERE and she knows this), so Mommy and Daddy took us back to our like home.  We passed out on the comfy bed. Another long day!



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