BarkWorld Night 1 by Ossian

What a long trip we had. Mommy, Daddy, Koda and me rode in the car a LONG time. I guess I slept a bunch, but Mommy did get out and walk me. We met these humans that got in a line just to pet me (workers picketing) and I found big water (a fountain) to put my face in. We got to a place that was like home, but it wasn’t home. We got in this small space (elevator) and then were some other place. There was a big comfy bed and I lay down on it for a while. Then, we went back in the small space and when it opened there were lots of dogs and humans. Mommy and Daddy have been saying “barkworld” for a long time…is this what they mean? I don’t know, but humans just started petting me and rubbing my head. Awesome! We walked to a different place with MORE dogs and humans and people spent the whole night coming to see me. Sister didn’t like it so much…what was she thinking? So many rubs, pets, smells, and head rests! Now I know why Mommy and Daddy were so excited! A lot of people took my picture, but I’m tired of having to sit EVERY time Mommy tells me, so I just lay down. We walked back to our like home and I fell right asleep on comfy bed. Long, good sleep and dreams.


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