Mommy & Daddy

Old Fashioned Days by Daddy

Ossian’s first long ride in the car was to Greenup, KY (where my grandparents lived) for their Fall festival called Old Fashioned Days.  Ossian was just over 2 months old at the time.  We took his cage just in case he got tired, but he spent most of the day by our side.  We walked down to the festival, about 3 blocks away, and took Ossian with us on a leash, carrying him when he seemed tired or hot.  He was very popular; everyone wanted to pet him and every few steps we would hear a kid say “look, it’s a little Beethoven.”  We got water and snacks for Ossian, and when we made it back to my grandparents’ house, he was worn out.  He stayed by us and slept while we watched the parade, then slept all the way home.  One reason we got Ossian is because we wanted to take him places, and this was a good start that showed us he would be good company!

7728_634611801112_41100957_37230414_7733436_n (1).jpg


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