Mommy & Daddy

Koda’s First Night by Mommy

Ossian was getting older, and we knew we wanted another dog; a husky to be exact.  Daddy did most of the research and found three husky mix puppies up in Richmond, Indiana, but they were all getting adopted as soon as they were old enough to leave their mom.  The woman fostering them told us that their mother was up for adoption.  So we started going over the pros and cons, the foster mom sent a video and Daddy fell in love.


I was still on the fence about her.  Ossian’s my baby and I was unsure of how I could love another dog as much. But, we traveled up to see her.  She was shy, but very sweet.

We took her for a walk and she walked perfectly on a leash.  A few days later we decided to make it official and adopt her.  On a Friday, Daddy drove the three hours each way to pick her up after she got spayed.

photo0102 photo0099

I brought Ossian to the local park so they could meet on neutral territory.  Koda was not too impressed with Ossian (who was much younger but already bigger than she was).  Already, I was getting worried that this wouldn’t work.  We took them both home and let them out in the back yard to play.  Almost immediately they were running around and playing like they had knew each other forever.  I thought “It’s meant to be”

(Excuse the bad quality-this was before good camera phones)

My opinion soon changed that night.  She was absolutely CRAZY.  She was in her crate scratching, whining, and even pushed out the bottom of her cage TWICE.  I couldn’t sleep I was so upset.  I just knew we couldn’t deal with this craziness night after night.photo0116  The next morning we discussed taking her back…but Daddy wanted to give it the weekend.  By Monday things were normal, and Ossian and Koda were like two peas in a pod.  I now cannot imagine life without her, and I’m sure Ossian feels the same.




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