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Ossian’s First Night by Daddy

We got Ossian in August, 2009 from a breeder in Lancaster, KY.  Ossian was one of 13 puppies (14, but one died very early).


He was the runt of the group and we picked him because of his markings and demeanor.  His name (pronounced “Osh-in”) comes from the founder of my fraternity in college, and was decided on before we went to get him.  Ossian was 4 ½ weeks old when we got him, and tiny at only 3.6 pounds.  He slept in the front seat all the way home.


We took Ossian in and he lie there while the cats came and checked him out.


Being our first puppy, Ossian slept in our room the first night.  He fell asleep on a blanket in a box but we moved him to his cage.  Ossian woke up every two hours or so whining and crying for his mother.  We got up each time, sat down by his cage, and petted him until he fell back asleep.  It was a long night, but one I’ll never forget because Ossian is our first dog and we loved him right away.



Read how the search for the perfect pup began here


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