MUD!!! By Ossian

Today we went to a park (East Frankfort Dog Park) and I had lots of fun.  It was different this time.  Normally when we go to the park, there’s other dogs and I run around and play with Koda, but today, no other dogs.  Instead, I found something I think I like even more.  MUD! In the trees and bushes was some good, dirty water.  It felt so good to lay down and roll around in it.

Mommy said something about me being “messy” and “filthy”, which means “good”.  I’m so proud of finding my mud pit.  Koda kept trying to get in, but I wouldn’t budge.  This is my new favorite place.  Maybe I can sleep here sometime, it’s so comfy!

Dirty Dirty Dog!

Dirty Dog Dirty Dog Dirty Dog

Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t let the mud stay on me and gave me a “un-filthy” bath when I got home.  I did NOT like that, I like being “messy”.




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