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A New Year A New Us!

Hey Friends!  Sorry it's been a while since we've blogged.  Feels good to get back to it! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bda74YQn-qj/?taken-by=theokdogs Happy New Year!!!  This year is gonna be a big year for us, since last year was such a weird year especially for our mom. In October mom was offered a position with Youth Education in the Arts.… Continue reading A New Year A New Us!

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Meet Our Family

Sorry guys, we haven't posted in awhile.  Summer happened!  Mom and dad both got summer jobs.  Dad is working at Enterprise cleaning rental cars and mom is teaching Critter Camp at the Humane Society. And we are helping pet sit tons of dogs (Yippee)  its actually okay sometimes, because we get to meet new dogs.… Continue reading Meet Our Family

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Prairie Oaks Dog Beach, Hillard, OH

https://www.instagram.com/p/BDtDWw0xj-J/?taken-by=theokdogs Nature of Park: non fenced, off leash dog area Open to public  Location: 3225 NE Plain City-Georgesville Rd, West Jefferson, OH 43162 Enrichment: Dog Beach Areas: one for all Surface: dirt, grass and sand Human Comfort: one bench, but you need to stay on your toes and keep your down in the off leash area… Continue reading Prairie Oaks Dog Beach, Hillard, OH

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Washington Park Dog Park

  Nature of Park: Fenced off leash area Open to Public Location: 1230 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Enrichment: small creek area, lots of birds and squirrels located in a very popular park Areas: one area for all Surface: turf, gravel and concrete Human Comfort: a few benches, local comfy feel  

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Spring Lake Regional Dog Park

https://www.instagram.com/p/BSmAdNnAlpy/?taken-by=theokdogs Nature of park: fenced off leash dog park Open to public Location: 7101 Southbridge Pkwy, Shakopee, MN, US, 55379 Enrichment: none really Areas: small dog and all dog area Surface: mud, grass, dirt, gravel Human Comfort; a few picnic tables    

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Southbridge Dog Park

https://www.instagram.com/p/BSmAVBLgycl/ Nature of park: Fenced off leash dog park Open to public Location: 7101, Southbridge Pkwy, Shakopee, MN 55379 Enrichment: wooded trails Area: two area (one small, one all dogs) Surface: dirt mud, grass, gravel Human Comfort: a few picnic tables throughout park      

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Minneapolis Airport Dog Park

https://www.instagram.com/p/BSkVlhXBF3o/?taken-by=theokdogs   Nature of Park: Partly fenced in off leash dog area Open to public Location:8th Ave S Hwy 6 Minneapolis, MN 55407 Enrichment: Small water area, large tunnels Area: one large area Surface: grass, mulch, dirt, mud and gravel Human Comfort: none How awesome is Minneapolis for opening areas like these for off leash dog… Continue reading Minneapolis Airport Dog Park